Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lights Out

My Grandfather, who was a Stevens descendent, collected kerosene lamps.  I am lucky to own several that were his.  Here's one:

Tonight, our power went out.  My son R had a cake in the oven.  R is 14, and he is the baker.  He was not happy about the power situation.

When our power goes out, which happens once or twice a year, I find my flashlight, under the bed.  I use it to locate matches and the kerosene lamps from my Grandfather, "Pop." I light the lamps, which now contain "lamp oil" whatever that is.  I also holler at all sons NOT to open the fridge.

 I once lost alot of frozen blackberries during a power outage which was BAD, in part because the freezer had been opened;  I missed the blackberry brandy  which I had planned to make.

I LOVE blackberry brandy;  on a good year I am able to score some berries from my brother who has vines, and do this:

2 c blackberries, clean but not washed), 1 c sugar, a quart of vodka, let them all sit together in a glass container for a month or two.  Strain out the berries and save to put on top of vanilla ice cream.  OR toss them if you don't like the tiny seeds in your teeth.  But honestly, they are worth the dental floss efforts.  Bottle the brandy in an old wine bottle with a cute label, or put in a mason jar.  Enjoy, pour over ice cream or pie, drink over ice, or with  cream (OMG) WHATEVER.  Enjoy more.

Back to the lack-of-power thread:  I ponder:  what to do?  Take a shower while there is still hot water in the tank?  OR do some spinning?  (I find that spinning is easier to do by low light than knitting, or taking a shower for that matter).  So, here I am with one of Pop's lamps, thanks to R's help and the camera flash:

About 45 minutes later, we had power.  Reed went back to his creation (his friend has a birthday tomorrow and he was able to finish his  baking).  I wound off the cormo single I was spinning on my niddy noddy and put it up to soak to set it for a lace single:

I am using it for a new Estonian lace creation.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely photo of the lack-of-power activities. What a lovely quilt, and I suddenly get an urgent need for a niddy noddy. In Denmark it was essential to have a white tablecloth under the kerosene lamp.To reflect the light. And save money. A fine excuse for working beautiful doilies.