Monday, May 23, 2011

Hat thing

I am still working on hats for boys who are traveling to coldish places this summer.  Son R picked out the Utopia Cable Hat available here.  Thank you Smariek for a very nice free pattern. We ventured to Michael's.  He assured me that he would be warm enough without real wool, and besides liked the shine of the Red Heart Soft.  He picked two colors, gray and a mossy green.

I completed one in green but it was too short.  So, started again with the gray, and did 2" of ribbing before starting the cable pattern.  Much better.  He likes it!

I plan to pickup stitches on the green one and add ribbing, so he'll have two.

This same talented person baked this for my birthday

And here is a view of the sunset at Port Royal Sound taken from the "north end" of Hilton Head Island last night

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  1. Well, that hat looks great. Your are a lucky mother of hat wearing sons:)