Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tiur scarf

My sister was an occasional knitter before she had twins.  Two weeks ago she dropped off two VERY big bags of yarn, some of which was mine to begin with, clearly given to her pre-pregnancy in an effort to destash.  Drat.  However, there is some nice yarn in there including a mound of Tiur, which was not something I had given her.

Now I've noted before how much I like Tiur and how well I think it does in lace, with its mohair content.  Low and behold, as I went through the de-de-stashed stash, I discovered a completed scarf that sister had done, all crumbled up.  Never one to back off from a blocking project, I grabbed my wool wash and blocking wires and got to work.

It's kind of a fan and feather thing with some yarn overs in between. The scarf is from Dalegarn 138 and does with this sweater.

Sorry, it's out of print.

OK, so I am starting a new shawl, photos in the future, and was trying to find some info on triangular shawls in Shetland.  Went to the Shetland Museum website, and located this interesting photo archive at their site, including old photos of spinning, fine lace, hap shawls.  Check it out.  I was at in Shetland two summers ago with Joyce James and made new friends, had a blast in Scotland.  I want to knit like a productive lass.

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  1. Twins!! I remember when my mum was told she was going to have twins. For her it was twice as much knitting.