Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Knitting II

OK, so, I am working on a birthing for a Santa. Specifically, Gail Budd's Knit Father Christmas. Here we are so far. He is a breech baby; feet first!

He will be for a little neice and nephew for Christmas. This is a fun pattern.  Stuff as you go.

I am using Paton's classic wool from Michael's.  I really like it for this project, although it'll be hand wash.  There is no good skin tone, so I am hoping for the best with a length of the aran color (used for the "fur" trim, above) and a warm potfull of teabags:

I have had the yarn for this fellow since last Christmas, after the pattern attracted my attention. Here's the link; it's a freebie.

I am also interested in knitting this Theodora, a pattern by Helene.  

Theodora has her own travel blog! Another holiday concept:   do Theodora's traditional Icelandic costume in white, and turn her in to a St. Lucia doll.  Do check out the Theodoras on Ravelry and the lovely variations...

All this thought about dolls has put me in mind of teddy bears. Once upon a time I had a yard sale. I was  trying to seriously downsize and sold some 16" Boyds Bears, with little sweaters that I had knit for them, I had purchased patterns by Judith Shangold, some of which are available here. I really wish I still had the bears and their outfits. 

Do I need to own replacement teddy bears NOW? NO. Do I need to own a stuffed sheep with a hand knit sweater? Gosh, that's harder. How about a Boyds rabbit to grace the Easter dinner table? Heck, harder still...

So the new rule is: I can buy them but must give away to neice and nephew. MUST. GIVE. AWAY. With of course hand knit garments...

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  1. Oh Wendy, what a delightful Santa!
    I will definitely check out those links.
    I used to make dolls with cotton material and yarn for their hair. I sold quite a few of them and gave some away.