Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Knitting FO: Grandma Helen's Knitted Scarf,

 I enjoy a rousing bonnet drama and am so glad to have streaming Netflix.  Recently I learned about Elizabeth Gaskell when I watched Wives and Daughters and North and South.  For me, North and South was quite interesting in viewing the scenes in the Victorian England's cotton mills.  Imagine the lung disease with the little cotton fibers flying...apparently, the middle class who grew rich owning the mills was frowned upon by the elite.

I am listening to an audiobook of another of Gaskell's novels, CranfordGaskell's writing is gentle and readable. It's quite delightful,  full of points on material culture, scrimping on paper and candle use, on the part of the firmly middle class who have lost their fortunes.  Lots of mentions of knitting, crocheting, new knitting stitches, and obtaining wool yarn from that wild and uncivilized place in Scotland, Shetland.

Speaking of vintage knitting, I finished Grandma Helen's Scarf

The pattern is available for free;  check on the "Free Patterns" link at the right.  It would make a quick holiday gift knit. Let me know what you think!

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