Friday, August 10, 2012

Beach Knitting

Beach vacation...St. Augustine

Sand on my treadles (I didn't take her to the beach but that might have helped her uneven finish...)

Trip to beadstore for the right beads (found The Bead Chick)

Discovering wire knitting with strands finer than hair

Dolls are better dressed now

No, my Ravellenics project is not done...but the skirt is progressing...

Even teenaged sons have some fiber activities

 (I might need to learn how to do this...)

Spending too much time on feeling righteous about it a family benefits sort of way...


  1. What a beautiful view! Is that near where you live Wendy?

  2. Hey Jody,

    It's about 2 hours away but very similar here, I'm near the beach...come visit when you are ready!!