Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Empty Nest

Well, I delivered  son B to college last weekend.  I bought a Toyota Rav 4 (can't really say enough positive things about this vehicle) last year.  When I purchased it, I envisioned driving son B to college in it, and lo...I did.

Perhaps the best part of the empty nest syndrome was the phone call two days later..."MOM, THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE MILK ON TAP IN THE CAFETERIA!!!"

Needless to say, I don't have any chocolate milk anywhere near my house.

A couple of days prior to his departure, son B the future engineer tried out my new windmill swift.  

Not sure why I haven't purchased one before.  This one is from  Tim at Hornshaw Woodworks. Kind of like the chocolate milk on tap...for me anyway!!


  1. Wow I really need one of those for taking the yarn off my bobbins!!Right now I make skeins on my quilt rack by hand and it is very tiring.
    I know he calls them a swift but they are more like a skeiner to me :-)