Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lilac Leaf kidsilk Haze

It is done.  Nancy Bush's Lilac Leaf Shawl, from that most cherished Knitted Lace of Estonia.

Mette kinda guessed that it was Estonian...the nupps gave it away.  I used a contrasting oaky kinda color for the border to offset the very very pale ballet pink.

Wish I knew why I love knitting this type of lace the most.  Won't someone please lead another knitter's tour to Estonia one of these years??  Nancy??

Here is Rowan's latest lineup of Kidsilk Haze Colors


  1. What a shawl, it is gorgeous. The color choice of the border is perfect. I believe Estonian lace is developed over many, many years by actually knitting, perhaps that is the explanation.

  2. It is elegant and drapes beautifully. I like the leaf pattern. Louise

  3. Just beautiful cuz! Love the border. You've got a great color sense. Prob runs in the family :)