Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Joy

I love the Easter holiday with its old Pagan symbols, especially the Easter eggs.

Last year I had the time to knit some.  I found this pattern at Ravelry and knit them up, stuffing them with plastic eggs, which COULD hold some smaller chocolate eggs.  

There are a lot more knitted Easter egg patterns up at Ravelry than last year.

I treated myself to some Royal Copenhagen porcelain eggs this year, found at Amazon.

As mentioned previously, I've had a hard time getting iris to bloom in my yard, it's either the warm climate or bad soil or both.  Last year I had an idea and transplanted some Caesar's Brother into some enriched soil in a pot.  I got rewarded for my efforts this year:

I'm now going to enjoy the miracles of spring and hoe the garden.

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