Monday, July 18, 2011

Not alot of knitting, basil content alert

The garden is maxing out in the heat.  The string beans and tomatos are done.  It's hot where I live, and almost time for the second crop, contents to be determined.

One of my favorite books is Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  A la Barbara and her family,  I am working to include my garden produce in my meals, and working a bit toward being a locavore.  Here's part of the basil crop

I made a basil and olive oil mix in the cuisinart to freeze.  Added a little lemon juice to keep it from turning too black. I'm not a big pesto fan, so I leave the cheese out.  A favorite salad dressing involves  basil, olive oil, walnuts, a little red wine vinegar, s & p, some grey poupon, whizzed in the blender.

I found a really cute bag of small red, and white onions, and yellow shallots.  I cut a little "X" in the root end, popped them in to boiling water for 20 seconds, popped them out of their peels, threaded them on skewers, too cute!

added some of my basil mix and balsalmic to marinade them.

  It's hard to describe how good they were once grilled on my stovetop grill (here with watercress, farmer's market tomatoes, millet with seasonings

I redid the border on the Noro afghan:  much better in this triangular points edging.


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  1. A second crop! You are so lucky. In this cold Danish summer we can hardly grow one.