Monday, July 11, 2011

Not a Shepherdess Yet

I would love to have a fiber source at home;  I live in a neighborhood/community,  so keeping large animals is kinda out.  Plus, I have no babysitters for such animals, if heaven forbid I should go away for vacation (really shouldn't complain because I did twice this month...).  However, I am considering purchase of a bunny at the Southeastern Annual Fiber Fair this fall.  I'm reading up and trying to figure out whether  bunny would work in with my lifestyle.

Once upon a time I wanted to keep silkworms.  I can't have any until I have enough to feed them. To that end I asked for mulberry trees (worm food) for my birthday several years ago.  Here is one (still in a pot)

and here is the other (put in the ground 2 years ago).

Clearly, something is wrong with my yard.  I have always fertilized it, and this year I am trying to water the smaller one more. (Gosh, do you think that would help?!)

 So it was a big let down to visit my brother's last month.  I was walking around his property, looked down, and realized I was stepping on berries. Mulberries. Looked up and saw this

And, he has another.  He refused to keep silkworms for me (he's 5 hours away by car) even though I offered to pay him!  Darnit.  AND he lives near Asheville, the site of SAFF.

Here's the update on the Noro afghan:  working on a knit on border to make little wavy scallops for a border

Yes, some of the squares are upsidedown.

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  1. Smiling:) Have you considered Samoyed dogs? Lots of hair!